How will my dog’s food arrive?

We have developed a very simple and clean way for you to receive and serve your best friend’s meals. Fetch meatloaf arrives with a custom branded cutting board to assist you with serving the proper portion to meet to your dog’s dietary needs for each day. So simply cut and slice and serve it in a bowl to your dog. If you prefer to cut it up a little more for your dog and warm it up, go for it!

What flavors of meatloaf do you offer?

Currently we offer beef and turkey meatloaf. Each loaf is loaded with vegetables, egg, brown rice, sweet potato, breadcrumbs, fruit and our special Canine Supplements to ensure your dog gets all of the vitamins and nutrients they need. And to make sure the taste is great, we blend in fresh herbs and spices.

How is your food fresh?

Our focus is feeding our dog friends in the Portland Metro area. We source our ingredients from local vendors whenever possible. We produce our meatloaf on Tuesday and deliver to your home on Wednesday. The meatloaf will be delivered chilled (NOT frozen), and ready to be placed in your refrigerator.

Where do your ingredients come from?

We live and work in Portland and believe in supporting our local protein suppliers and farmers. We source our quality meats for the beef and turkey meatloaf from local meat companies.  All of our vegetables, fruits, herbs and eggs will always come from local farmers when in season and locally owned distributors.

Where do you make your meals?

Fetch meatloaf is produced right here in Portland, Oregon. We bring the freshest ingredients into our USDA-approved kitchen on Tuesday for low temperature baking and deliver it chilled to your doorstep on Wednesday. Our meatloaf does not include or need any preservatives or anything artificial to extend its shelf-life. Since we are local, we will be delivering your meatloaf to your home ourselves which eliminates the need to box and freeze your food for multi-state transportation. It can’t get any fresher than this!

How do your recipes work?

Our meatloaf recipes are the result of multiple experiments of different flavors working in conjunction with our board-certified veterinary nutritionist. Each recipe was carefully formulated to meet the nutritional values established by the AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles for adult dogs.  And lastly, our family dogs, Charlie, Ellie and Carl all had to approve the great taste!

Should I refrigerate the food?

Yes please keep refrigerated. Our food is fresh and does not contain preservatives.  We recommend that you place the meatloaf you will not use in the first 7 days into the freezer.


How much will this cost me?

For small dogs, plans can start as low as $1.00/day. Each dog is different, though, and filling out our questionnaire will help us make sure your best friend gets the right amount for their weight, age and activity level. Because we source and produce local, the quality and freshness of food for your subscription will be of superior value than purchasing product from a store shelf or delivered long-distance.

What if my best friend wants to send the plate back to the kitchen?

Our chefs would hate to see this happen, but we will always stand behind the quality of our product and delivery. Please send us a note and we will send you free samples of our other flavors to try and satisfy your best friend. If that does not work or is not of interest to you, we will refund your order and invite you to donate any leftover food to a local shelter.

Can I adjust my subscription at any time?

Yes, you can adjust your subscription any time with respect to the desired meatloaf flavor. We ask that any changes in the meatloaf flavor be made before Sunday night before your next delivery at 6pm.  This way we can ensure we have all of the ingredients necessary to meet your needs.

What days do you deliver?

We bake our meatloaf on every other Tuesday and deliver the following day on Wednesday. This way your dog’s food is chilled and not frozen when we deliver to your door. It’s the freshest solution in the market anywhere.

What do I do in the case of unexpected events?

We recognize sometimes things happen that are out of our control.  We are local and we can respond quickly to unexpected events.  Just send us a note and we will do everything we can to help solve your issue.  Also, with your first order we suggest you transition your dog’s diet supplementing FETCH with their existing diet.  Doing this you likely will end up with a surplus of FETCH when your next delivery arrives.  We suggest you put the surplus in the freezer for an unexpected event.


How is the Fetch Meatloaf packed and delivered?

We ship our meatloaf in recyclable materials including butcher paper to lock in freshness and flavor. The meatloaf is then boxed and delivered in our Recycle Me bags that keep your food chilled and not frozen during delivery. For our downtown Portland area dogs, we will eventually deliver by bike, weather dependent.  For extended Portland areas, we will deliver by van. We strive to reduce our carbon footprint in any way we can and hope you will enjoy seeing our delivery bikes riding around downtown Portland.

We invite our customers to help us reuse some of our packaging materials.  Specifically, we invite you to leave your cold gel-pack, liner and box at your porch or mailroom on your Wednesday delivery day and we will gladly reuse what we safely can.  This allows us to save the planet and save our customers money.

Do we ship outside of the Portland area?

Our initial focus is deliver fresh never frozen meatloaf.  As a result, we need to restrict our deliveries to our fresh free zone which consists mainly of the Portland metro area.

Is Portland your only Fresh market?

For now, we want to make sure our Portland dogs receive and enjoy the freshest food possible on the dog food market. We will be expanding our locally sourced, produced, and delivered concept to the other top 10 dog friendly cities in the future.

Do you charge for delivery?

Yes, we charge a flat fee of $4.99 for the convenience of having fresh food delivered to your doorstep every 2 weeks.