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All natural, human-grade dog “meatloaf” delivered fresh to your door

We have a few simple questions about your furry friend that helps us personalize a meal plan!

Where Do We Deliver?

To ensure our completely-fresh, never-frozen quality, we only deliver to the greater Portland area.
We’re proud to be the first truly fresh dog food in the area!

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When we say fresh, we mean fresh. Fetch’s human-grade ingredients are sourced from Oregon–local farmers and food producers. Backed by nutritional science and the amazing work of our vet nutritionist Dr. Sarah, each recipe ensures your dog gets the recommended daily nutrients and vitamins. Fetch is delivered to your door no more than 36 hours after coming out of the oven. You can’t buy that kind of fresh in a bag of kibble.

Fetch is not kibble. It’s hand-crafted meatloaf. Your pup will be begging to enjoy our beef or turkey flavors. Worried about portion control? No problem. Every loaf comes with a Fetch maplewood cutting board with ruler engraved to ensure each meal is perfectly portioned for your pup.


Feeding your dog healthy meals is not only an act of love, it’s preventative medicine.When comparing the nutrient value of dogfood, there are a myriad of important things to consider. According to the Pet Nutrition Alliance, dogs must eat more than 30 essential nutrients to achieve complete and balanced nutrition. That includes proteins, essential amino acids, essential fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals. 

But with such an abundance of options, how do you choose?  Easy. Buy local and buy fresh.

Leading dogfood brands are produced in big factories using massive volumes of cheap, often low-quality ingredients. Since January 2020 the FDA has issued 23 major recalls of dog food for things like Salmonella, Listeria, elevated levels of Vitamin D (which is toxic to dogs) and more.

Empty calorie fillers and weeks, sometimes months on the shelf at a time, compromise freshness and nutritional value. Well-known brands invest millions of dollars into clever marketing tactics to sell a poor-quality product for a premium. In fact, due to the sheer number of dog food brands marketing unsubstantiated health benefits, the Amercian Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) issued strict guidelines for Veterinarians to consider before making food recommendations to their patients. 

That’s why at Fetch, we focused on quality first.We worked directly with the experts. Our recipes were developed by a certified veterinary nutritionist to meet the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) definition of human-grade. One of only two AAFCO defined terms in the dogfood industry.  Fetch meals are perfectly portioned based on your dog’s weight and activity level. Locally-sourced ingredients are hand-crafted into our signature meatloaf by Portland chefs in a USDA certified kitchen and delivered to your door within 36 hours. Fetch is not made in a factory. Not by machines. By people in your community who care about your dog, just the same way you do. Welcome to Fetch. 

Certain terms such as natural or human-grade are defined by Association of American Feed Control Officials.  while terms such as holistic or biologically appropriate are not.  Some clients may ask about raw diets. The FDAAVMA and AAHA provide owners with information regarding this feeding strategy.


Your pup likely does not enjoy the taste of cardboard, so we don’t charge you for it. In fact, our packaging program is a large part of what keeps our food costs so competitive. Nearly 85% of Fetch customers happily participate in our package reuse program. This allows us to invest more of your money in the quality of your dog’s food. And, it makes us all better stewards of the planet.


About Us


To help your dog live a longer, healthier, and happier life. We apply Portland’s high standards of fresh, local, and all-natural food to every meal we make, using preventative wellness to increase quality of life and give you the most time with the dog you love.

Brand Promise

Freshly made – freshly delivered. We bake our healthy meat loafs on Tuesday, and have it on your doorstep by Wednesday. Never frozen and ready to serve to your best friend in an easy and clean method. We prep our food local, deliver local and support local.

Our Team


Mary Mardesich

Mary is a native Portlander with a soft spot for dogs. Growing up, her family took in every stray or rescue they could – which meant they had as many as 5 dogs at one time! That love for dogs extended to her own family, and now her children have rescue dogs, too. A former registered nurse and avid cook, she focuses on fresh, healthy ingredients when feeding her family. And to her, that family includes her dogs. She’s used her expertise to craft and perfect our FETCH recipes.

Paul Mardesich

Born and raised in Portland, Paul has dedicated himself to his wonderful family, his beloved dogs, and his passion for entrepreneurship. He’s successfully started and led multiple companies in the Portland area, primarily in technology and golf. But having seen first-hand the benefits of feeding fresh to their dog Charlie, he knew his next business had to be FETCH. Now he’s bringing FETCH to life, working hard to get the very best food to Portland’s wonderful dogs – and making it easy on their owners to do so.

Fetch Chef

Chef Sean

Chef Sean is a huge dog lover. His 9 year-old black lab mix Chevy is his best friend. Chef Sean comes to us from managing large teams at a 4-star hotel with a focus on sustainable, environmentally conscious sourcing practices. His expertise in catering and full-service dining make him a great fit for our Fetch team. Meeting the needs of our four-legged friends is no small feat. Working closely with our team to perfect each recipe batch, Chef Sean is a critical part of what makes Fetch great. His enthusiastic approach, experience, connections to keep us sourcing local and love of dogs is a welcomed addition to the team.

Veterinary & Nutrition Expert

Dr. Sarah Abood

With doctorates in both Veterinary Medicine and Veterinary Science from Michigan State University and The Ohio State University respectively, Dr. Sarah has over 30 years of experience providing veterinary nutrition and medicine services. One of the foremost experts, her expertise formed the foundation of our recipe development. With her expertise FETCH has crafted the absolute healthiest recipes – ensuring only the best for every dog.


FETCH meat loafs are baked in a USDA-approved commercial kitchen in southeast Portland. The facility is only used for the production of human based foods which ensures your best friends meat loaf is not being produced in a facility that is contaminated with the types of ingredients expected with traditional kibble or wet can food for dogs.

We’re Paul and Mary Mardesich. Born and raised Portlanders. Lifelong dog lovers. Proud parents to 4 kids – 3 wonderful humans, and 1 feisty Bichon Frise named Charlie.

Mary who enjoys cooking started tailoring our diets using better, fresher ingredients – and the difference in our quality of life has been tangible. It opened our eyes to the importance of eating healthy.

So when Charlie (our bossy, adorable Bichon Frise) was diagnosed with an auto immune disease 5 years ago, we applied the same learnings to him. Mary got to work in the kitchen cooking him healthy, fresh meals. It significantly helped his symptoms, reduced our vet visits, and has given him a longer and healthier life than we ever imagined. Now, going on 13, Charlie keeps us on our toes.

Obviously, though, making Charlie’s meals from scratch every day took a lot of time. And we wholeheartedly believe time is our most precious asset. So we started looking into delivery alternatives – and were shocked to find none fit our high Portland standards! Where were recipes that support family-owned farms? What about local and sustainable ingredients? Most confounding of all; why were so many companies pretending frozen meals were “fresh”?

Refusing to lower the bar for Charlie, and realizing every other Portland dog deserves the same, we created Fetch. We partnered with family-owned Oregon farms to source the best all-natural ingredients. We worked with a vet nutrition specialist, combining that with Mary’s cooking expertise, to concept the healthiest and tastiest recipes. And we’ll be delivering completely fresh, never-once-frozen meatloaf for your best friend every other week.

We hope you join us on the journey to giving every dog what they deserve. Thank you for supporting a local family-owned company and local family-owned farms.